The Application of Single Axis, Double Axis, 3DOF, 4DOF, 6DOF motion platform on Simulator

Single axis, double axis, 3DOF, 4DOF, 6DOF motion platform can be used for different types of simulators.The dynamic platform naturally interacts with people via mixed senses of sight, sound, thrust and touch, bringing people thrilling excitement and realistic simulation experience.
Precision Servo Electric Linear Actuator for VR Simulator

How to build a 6 DOF steward motion platform simulator

The simulator system is composed of multi-degree of freedom motion platform, computer control system, motor drive system, etc.. The bottom platform is fixed on the ground and the top platform is for supporting the load.
High-speed servo electric cylinder

Discover The Inside of Electric Cylinders

The Structure of Electric Cylinder: The electric Cylinders…
Long life high speed electric cylinder

Principle of Electric Linear Actuator and How It Works

The electric linear actuator is of modular design which integrates the motor and the screw, converting the rotary motion of the motor shaft into the linear motion of the piston rod of the electric linear actuator.
High precision long life linear actuator

The Difference between Inline Electric Cylinder and Parallel Electric Cylinder

The cost of both types are the same, inline electric cylinder connects the ball screw drive and motor shaft by coupling, the parallel type electric cylinder connects the ball screw drive and motor shaft by pulley.

DGR Electric Cylinder linear actuators apply for solar tracking system

Electric cylinder linear actuators are used to orient the solar panels toward the sun for higher efficiency, solar tracking systems are also often used in large commercial projects, rooftops, or home PV tracking equipment.
difference between electric cylinder and electric piston

Difference between electric cylinder and electric piston

This article compares the internal structure, thrust, accuracy and speed of the electric cylinder and the electric piston respectively, and serves as a reference for the selection of the electric cylinder and the electric piston.
electric, hydraulic pneumatic cylinder comparison

Comprehensive comparison of electric cylinder, hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder

There are three types of linear actuators, which are electric cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder. This article explains their respective strengths and weaknesses, and makes reference to selecting the appropriate cylinder for your project.
electric Linear Actuators installation, linear motion mount, electric cylinder mounting type

Mounting type of electric cylinder

There are various installation methods for electric cylinders. Common ones are: flange mounting, trunnion mounting, rod eye mounting, cylinder rod internal thread, cylinder rod external thread, etc. it can also be customized according to customer's requirements.