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The Difference between Inline Electric Cylinder and Parallel Electric Cylinder

Electric cylinders can be divided into two types by appearance: inline type and parallel type. What are the differences?

Inline Type Electric Cylinders VS Parallel Type Electric Cylinders

1.Inline Type Electric Cylinder

The inline type electric cylinder motor is directly connected to the electric cylinder via a coupling.


The electric cylinder body and the motor are in the same line, and the inline type electric cylinder integrates the servo motor, the servo motor encoder, the high precision ball screw or the planetary ball screw or the trapezoidal screw, and the modular design and other technologies.


The entire electric cylinder has the characteristics of compact structure, small inertia, fast response, high rigidity, low noise and long life.


The servo motor is connected to the electric cylinder as a whole, which is easy to install and simple to set up.

Long life precision electric cylinder

2.Parallel Type Electric Cylinder

The motor of the parallel electric cylinder is installed in parallel with the cylinder body, and the motion of the motor is transmitted to the motion of ball screw of the electric cylinder through the timing belt and synchronous pulley.


Shorter length: In addition to the characteristics of the inline type electric cylinder, the total length of the parallel type is relatively shorter, which enable the parallel type electric cylinder more suitable for installation in limited space.

High strength:

The timing belt selected for the parallel electric cylinder is of high strength and long service life. Making the entire electric cylinder with high controllability and control accuracy.

Adjustable Gear Ratio:

Adjusting the dimension ratio of the synchronous pulley can increase the thrust and reduce the speed, which is quite suitable for those require large thrust but low on speed facilities , such as presses, lifting devices, etc.

The cost of inline type electric cylinder and parallel type electric cylinders are almost the same.

Electric cylinder for servo press

DGR Electric Cylinders utilize advanced technologies in linear motion industry in Europe, America, Japan, etc. The main components (motors, bearings, belts, screw rods, couplings, etc.) are all well-known brands from United States, Germany, Japan, etc. Our engineers are specialized in mechanical or linear motion industry for decades, DGR electric cylinders are designed to be of excellent performance and high reliability.

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