Servo electric linear actuator 220v replace hydraulics in flight simulators

Servo electric actuator 220v replace hydraulics in flight simulators .Designed by the European client of DGR Electric Cylinder Technology company ,this flight simulator comes with six degree of freedom which applies six DGR electric servo cylinders.  Each of the electric servo cylinder is of 1000kg load capacity, 400mm stroke, powered by 3KW servo motor, the maximum speed can reach up to 300mm/s under the load of 1 ton.

Six Servo Electric Cylinder and its platform where the simulating cabin are installed on are mainly included in the flight simulator. All these electric cylinders synergistic movement can drive the platform as well as simulate the flight movement in cabin.


Applications of electric servo cylinders for six degree of freedom platform used for flight simulator has such features below:

  1. The movement is faster, more accurate, smoother, and more comfortable, which helps to create more thrilling flight simulating experience
  2. The electric servo cylinder is of simplest mechanical structure, which is easy to install, maintain, fix, with lowest malfunction
  3. Refined servo control technology: rapidest reaction, 100% movement simulation of actual clip.
  4. Electric servo cylinder is more environmental-friendly, clean, silent and durable: no liquid leakage, low energy consumption, reliable and durable.
  5. Supreme entertaining experience: rapid response and smooth movement control of the electric servo cylinders bring audience meticulously movement and extremely comfortable, distinguished recreation experience


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