The Application of Single Axis, Double Axis, 3DOF, 4DOF, 6DOF motion platform on Simulator

Single Axis, Double Axis, 3DOF, 4DOF, 6DOF motion platform can be used for different types of Simulators


SolutionInstallation and MountingApplicationPicture
Single axis solutionPerformed by a single electric cylinderMotorcycle roller coaster ride; Electric bicycle simulator,etcservo electric linear actuator for Single axis solution
Double axis solutionTwo electric cylinders work together; Along with rotation,  they are widely used for double axis entertaining equipment e.g. 720° rotation360° Transformerselectric servo linear actuator for Double axis solution
Triple axis solution (3DOF)All these Three electric cylinders work together, among which one cylinder is in the front and the rest two line at the rear side by sideVR Motorcycle; 9D VR; Single or double egg-shaped entertaining simulator; driving training simulatorelectric cylinder actuator for Triple axis solution (3DOF)
Four axis solution (4DOF)Four cylinders work together mounted to support the four corners of the platformNormally applied for single VC car racing simulatorPrecision servo electric linear actuator
Six axis  6DOF hexagon motion platformIt consists of six electric cylinders, six universal joints on the upper and downer connection spot, one top platform and one bottom platform. Based on the fixed bottom platform and via the extension and retraction of the electric cylinders, the top platform completes the 6DOF motion in space (X,  Y, Z, α, β, γ) ,which can simulate various space motion gestures.Various car driving simulator; Training simulator,etcLong life servo electric linear actuator

The dynamic platform naturally interacts with people via mixed senses of sight, sound, thrust and touch, bringing people thrilling excitement and realistic simulation experience. The 6DOF motion platform is of prospect of extensive application, which can be widely used in various training simulators such as flight simulators, ship simulators, naval helicopter takeoff and landing simulation platforms, ski simulators, tank simulators, car driving simulators, driving training simulators, earthquake simulators, and motion movies, entertainment equipment, etc. What’s more , it can even be used for the docking of space spacecraft and the refueling docking of aerial tankers.

It is also workable to make a six-axis machine, a smart robot, etc. The more the amount of axis is , the better experience of simulating motion it will create.



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