How to choose a linear actuator

First, the delivery time. In fact, for each linear actuator manufacturer, the linear actuators are directly customized according to the specific parameters of customers, so it has supply time. Therefore, when customers purchase linear actuators, please reserve a certain period. The specific delivery time needs to be communicated with the manufacturer to avoid delays in use due to its construction period.

Second, the size. Linear actuators are mechanical auxiliary equipment, they are used in conjunction with other equipment. This involves the installation size of the linear actuators. At present, there is no unified international standard or national standard in the linear actuators industry, and the product sizes of various manufacturers are not completely the same, so please pay attention to the size of the linear actuator when purchasing.

Third, the duty cycle. The working frequency of linear actuators also has a great influence on the linear actuators’ type. The low-cost linear actuators on the market are generally equipped with BLDC motors, so their duty cycle and speed will be much shorter than those of servo linear actuators.

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