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Discover The Inside of Electric Cylinders

The Structure of Electric Cylinder: The electric Cylinders are mainly composed of several parts: 1.Motor: various kinds of motors are applicable (such as DC or AC servo motor, stepper motor, DC brushless or brushed motor). 2.Ball screw or trapezoidal screw. It’s rotated by the motor and converted the the spiral motion into the linear motion […]

Features of DGR Electric Linear Actuators

DGR electric linear actuators are produced at the highest standards with carefully seleted materials to meet customers’ requirements for the life span and positioning precision, all the parts are machined by CNC machines, with compatibility with motors from all manufacturers in the world. 

How Does The DMX512 Control Console Control The Movement Of The Electric Linear Actuators

How does the DMX512 control console control the movement of the electric linear actuators?This video shows the control of the linear actuator in auto mode, the DMX512 control console can easily control speed.   This electric linear actuators is recently developed by DGR Electric Cylinder Technology, which is compatible with DMX512 protocol, which is used […]

Servo electric linear actuator 220v replace hydraulics in flight simulators

Servo electric actuator 220v replace hydraulics in flight simulators .Designed by the European client of DGR Electric Cylinder Technology company ,this flight simulator comes with six degree of freedom which applies six DGR electric servo cylinders.  Each of the electric servo cylinder is of 1000kg load capacity, 400mm stroke, powered by 3KW servo motor, the maximum speed […]