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How to choose a linear actuator

First, the delivery time. In fact, for each linear actuator manufacturer, the linear actuators are directly customized according to the specific parameters of customers, so it has supply time. Therefore, when customers purchase linear actuators, please reserve a certain period. The specific delivery time needs to be communicated with the manufacturer to avoid delays in use due to its […]


We hereby make an official declaration. Freya Huang has no relationship with our company since she left the position on 10th July 2020. If Freya Huang transacts with the other party in the name of our company, the legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the Freya Huang and the other party transacts with […]

Discover The Inside of Electric Cylinders

The Structure of Electric Cylinder: The electric Cylinders are mainly composed of several parts: 1.Motor: various kinds of motors are applicable (such as DC or AC servo motor, stepper motor, DC brushless or brushed motor). 2.Ball screw or trapezoidal screw. It’s rotated by the motor and converted the the spiral motion into the linear motion […]

Features of DGR Electric Linear Actuators

DGR electric linear actuators are produced at the highest standards with carefully seleted materials to meet customers’ requirements for the life span and positioning precision, all the parts are machined by CNC machines, with compatibility with motors from all manufacturers in the world.