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Why Use Electric Linear Actuators?

Electric Linear Actuator is a device that converts rotary motion of the electric motor to linear motion. Many other solutions such as gear structure, hydraulic and pneumatic systems can creates motion in a straight line. Comparatively speaking, the electric linear actuator is a revolutionary product that can meet various functional requirements, and is simpler in structure, lower in cost, and more environmentally friendly.

The advantages of electric cylinders over hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder are:

(1) The electric linear actuator is directly controlled by an electric motor and no intermediate medium such as oil or gas is needed to convert power. This can avoid inaccuracies caused by systematic errors due to oil leakage and air leakage, therefore, the performance of electric control system is superior to the hydraulic system.It’s of higher speed, more load capacity, and longer life.

(2) The performance of the electric linear actuator system will not be affected by environmental temperature, easily contaminated hydraulic valves or fluid media or other factors.

(3) The connection between the motor and the servo drive is also simplified, no need complex oil pumps, piping, cooling systems and other accessories in the hydraulic system.

(4) Compared to pneumatic cylinders, electric linear actuators can be used in applications where high-pressure air is not suitable. The use of screw thread creates higher speed and torque to the linear movement than the axial movement produced by the pneumatic cylinder.

(5) In the latest electric servo system, each action can be individually set when controlling speed, position and torque. This feature makes a simple “cylindrical” a truly automated system, with advantages of small size, excellent performance, and easy maintenance.

(6) The electric linear actuators can also adopt the ball screw technology to make the system have higher mechanical rigidity, longer service life and higher impact resistance. The highly efficient and rigid ball screw is suitable for precise positioning, long-distance repeatable motion and repeatable motion of large axial load, and allows the electric linear actuator obtain higher reliability and longer service life.

The electric linear actuator itself also has unique performance characteristics as follows:

(1)Precise positioning. If drived by servo motor, the servo control system is highly precise, and its cooperation with the high-precision transmission parts can greatly improve the control accuracy of the electric linear actuator and achieve accurate positioning of about 0.01 mm.

(2)High efficiency. The ball screw pair is used as a power conversion part to achieve linear repeatable motion and reduce friction during movement; the power conversion efficiency can reach up to 80% – 90%, which is about 15% higher than the hydraulic system’s conversion efficiency

(3) Fast movement response. The linear speed range reaches 55mm/s while the hydraulic cylinder can only reach 35mm/s

(4)A wide range of load capacity. Electric linear actuators load range from tens of kilograms to hundreds of tons

(5) Long service life. If high-precision conversion parts such as ball screws are used, friction can be reduced and the service life of the electric linear actuators can be improved.

(6) Simplified structure, make full use of space. The electric linear actuators is a non-standard product and can be designed according to the allowed space.

(7)Strong environmental applicability. Can be used in harsh environments such as low temperature, high temperature, dryness, wind and rain, etc. While hydraulic and pneumatic systems should take the environmental factors into consideration.

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