We are dedicated to electrical cylinder and linear motion system manufacturing

Professional Engineering

We’re determined to keep up the quality of all of our linear motion products as high as possible by selecting the finest materials and processing by the most advanced equipment and experienced technicians.


Our company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.

Moderate Price

We maintain high-quality products while at the same time manufacturing products by the most efficient means possible, our goal is to continuously deliver high-quality products with moderate price that can meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Quality Assurance

All products are covered by a one-year warranty from the day when the original order was received and lifetime maintenance to ensure the use of worry-free

Skilled Workers

Our technicians have decades of experience in electrical and mechanical fields, which enables us to continuously research and develop new technologies and deliver excellent services to our customers


We are committed to delivering excellent pre-sales or after-sales service to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers


Company Profile

We are a high-tech innovative private enterprise specializing in design, manufacture and sales of linear motion products, including servo motor electric cylinders, stepper motor electric cylinders and electric push rods.

Since January 2014, we has introduced advanced technology and hired senior mechanical motion engineers for researching and developing linear motion system, the electric cylinder developed by the company featured high positioning accuracy, low noise, long life. It has received approvals and recognition from many famous enterprises.

servo electric linear actuator
Fine processing of electric cylinder
Manufacture precision electric linear actuators
DGR Production of precision servo electric linear actuators
Precision long life servo electric linear actuator

Industry Application

The company’s products are widely used in: entertainment industry (multi-degree of freedom simulation, multi-degree freedom dynamic entertainment, mechanical arm and joints, dynamic seats, etc.), industrial industries (machinery automation production line, steel continuous casting, petrochemicals, material handling , injection molding machine, mold control, valve control, precision machine tools, pharmaceutical machinery, precision machining of multiple degrees of freedom, mechanical lifting platform, food industry, etc.), automotive industry (automotive presses, automotive manufacturing equipment, etc.), military industry (analogue aircraft, Simulation, etc.)

Technical Advantages

Compared with other systems that use hydraulic pressure or air pressure as the drive source, the electric cylinder is directly controlled by an electric motor, and no intermediate medium such as oil and gas is needed to transmit power. This can avoid systematic errors due to oil leakage and air leakage, so the electric control system has superior control performance, faster speed, higher carrying capacity and longer life than the hydraulic system.

Company Core Values

  • We Deliver Excellence Through Products & Services
  • We Have the Humility and Hunger to Learn
  • We Encourage Innovation and Open Mind to embrace changes and make improvements
  • We Act With Integrity and Show Respect
  • We Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication
  • We Build a Positive and Cooperative Team
  • We are Passionate and Determined