Electric Cylinder Servo Press (The picture from the Internet)

Electric cylinder servo press, also known as precision servo electronic press (referred to as servo press machine or electronic press machine), its working principle is that servo motor drives high-precision ball screw for precision pressure assembly work, can be realized in the pressure assembly operation Closed-loop control of the entire process of press-fitting force and press-in depth enables precise press-fitting of online quality management. Widely used in: Automotive industry: Press-fitting of engine components (cylinder heads, liners, oil seals, etc.), press-fitting of steering gear assemblies (gears, pins, etc.), press-fitting of driveshaft assemblies, press-fitting of gearbox assemblies, brake disc assemblies Press-fitting, etc.; Motor industry: Micro-motor assembly press-fitting (spindle, housing, etc.), motor assembly press-fitting (bearings, spindles, etc.); Electronics industry: circuit board assembly press-fit (plug-in, etc.), electronic components press-fit; Appliance industry: home appliance accessories press-fitting, home appliance parts riveting, etc.; machinery industry: mechanical parts press-fitting, automated assembly lines, wearing parts life testing, etc.; other industries: other applications that require precise control of press-fit displacement and press-fitting forces.