DGR-Full Automatic Disposable Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine

I. Our Design

II. Specification

  • Output capacity
  • Mask qualification rate
  • Oversize
  • Weight
  • Power
  • Pressure air consumption
  • Operations environment
  • Feed-in material tension control
  • 100~120 pcs/mins
  • 99%
  • 7000mm(L)×4500mm(W)×1900mm(H)
  • Around 4500kg
  • AC 220V±5﹪, 50HZ, 9KW
  • 0.5~0.7Mpa, 300L/min
  • Temp. 10~35℃, humidity 5-35%
  • Automatic

III. Features

  • The whole production line is automatic, easy to operate, high efficient and low error rate.
  • High quality PLC control, servo motor drive, it can make sure the machine can be long time running without maintenance
  • This machine equipped with automatic tension control system to make sure the tension evenness of each mask.
  • Photoelectricity detector to material feed, it material feed in stop, the machine will stop automatically and alarm you to feed in material.
  • You can set number for each batch, this machine also can calculate the total production number.