DGRST75 waterproof high IP grade electric servo telescopic cylinder

DGRST75 electric servo telescopic cylinder is waterproof, which can be used in the humid environment.

Technical Data


DGRST75 waterproof servo linear actuator Technical Data

Motor Selection List

DGRST75 waterproof servo linear actuator Motor Selection List

Product SeriesDGRST75
Flange Size of Optional Servo Motor Series (mm)86/ 90
Flange Size of Optional Stepper Motor Series (mm)86
Flange Size of Optional Gear Box Series (mm)90


1.DGR electric cylinder servo motor brands include Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Delta, Syntron, Motec, and Tuoda;

2.DGR electric cylinder stepper motor brands include Japan Samsr, Leadshine, MOONS’, etc;

3.The DGR electric cylinder gearbox brands include Nidec-Shimpo, Taiwan KunTai, Taiwan Li Ming, and Shanghai Jinmo;

4.The cylinder can be equipped with a motor or gearbox, and the motor brands and gearbox brands can be designated by the customers, please kindly contact our sales for more detailed information;


DGRST75 waterproof servo linear actuator Dimensions

Model Code

DGRST75 waterproof servo linear actuator Dimensions

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