DGR-EC-65 Synchronized Servo Lift Linear Actuator with Limit Switch and Position Feedback

DGREC65 Compact electric servo linear actuators featuring potentiometer position feedback which allows for positioning control in synchronized motion.

Technical Data

DGREC65 Synchronized Servo Linear Actuator with Limit Switch and Position Control Technical Data

Product SeriesDGREC65
Screw lead / pitch (mm)510
Max. Power of Motor (W)750
Max. Rated Thrust500N=112.4 lb
Max. Speed500mm/s=19.6inch/s
Max. stroke 1200mm=47.2inch=3.9ft
Rated Driving Torque (N.m)0.61.1
Max. Ball Screw Diameter (mm)1616
Rated Dynamic Load of Ball Screw (kgf)13801103
Axial Backlash (mm)0.02-0.070.02-0.08
Lead Error Every 300mm (mm)0.0230.023
Repeatability Accuracy (mm)0.020.02


  1. If you need to know the ball screw life, please contact customer service for detailed consultation;
  2. The max. thrust and the max. speed can not be reached at the same time. Different motor and gear boxes will be used.
  3. If the Max. stroke exceeds 500mm, it is recommended to add a guiding device;

Note: If you require beyond the specification chart above, please contact us directly, we can able to customize according to customers’ requirements on the load (up to 20 ton), speed(up to 2000mm/s) and stroke (up to 2800mm).

Motor Selection List

DGR-EC-65 Synchronized Servo Lift Linear Actuator Motor Selection List

Product SeriesDGREC65
Flange Size of Optional Servo Motor Series (mm)60/ 80
Flange Size of Optional Stepper Motor Series (mm)57/ 86
Flange Size of Optional Gear Box Series (mm)60


1.DGR electric cylinder servo motor brands include Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Delta, Syntron, Motec, and Tuoda;

2.DGR electric cylinder stepper motor brands include Japan Samsr, Leadshine, MOONS’, etc;

3.The DGR electric cylinder gear box brands include Nidec-Shimpo, Taiwan KunTai, Taiwan Li Ming, and Shanghai Jinmo;

4.The cylinder can be equiped with a motor or gear box, and the motor brands and gear box brands can be designated by the customers, please kindly contact our sales for more detailed information;


DGREC65 Synchronized Servo Linear Actuator Dimensions


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