DGR-EP-DC 12V 24V Electric Piston Ram Linear Actuators For Opening Window Door Lock Roof Lifting

China electric lifting ram manufacturer, DGR supplies the micro linear actuator which are flexible, precise, and reliable with larger force capacities.

Technical Data

DGR-EP-DC 12V 24V Electric Lifting Ram Linear Actuators Technical Data:

Driving modeTrapezoidal wire rod
Position Repeatability(mm)/
Screw lead(mm)5
Max.Speed(mm/s) 471113162027
Effective stroke length(mm)501001502002503001000
Voltage DC(V)12  /  24  /  36  /  48

Applications of The Electric Push Rod:

  1. Electric care bed, electric operating bed, electric traction bed, electric massage chair, electric dental chair, electric wheelchair, Medical equipment.
  2. Electric lift cabinet, LCD TV lift frame, bedside cabinet LCD TV intelligent hiding device, camera electric lift rod, wedding props, smart home
  3. Car,boat,Smart home, Electric Bicycle,ATV,electric window door(gate),solar, Soft game equip.

The dimension of DGR-EP-45-24-stroke-20-I Linear Actuators For Opening Window Door Lock Roof Lifting

electric push rod, electric piston, electric lift ram

Model Code

DGR-EP-Linear Actuators For Opening Window



Electric push rod seriesCylinder boreVoltage





Stroke lengthSpeed

4 = 4mm/s

7 = 7mm/s

11= 11mm/s

13= 13mm/s

16 = 16mm/s

20 = 20mm/s

27 = 27mm/s

Motor mount



Vertical: L