DGR-61 High Speed Electric Servo Linear Actuator For 6DOF Motion Platform Simulator

DGR-61-U high speed electric actuators manufactured by DGR Electric Cylinder Technology offer fast speed in any stroke you require for motion simulators.

Technical Data

DGR-61-U Servo Linear Actuator For 6DOF Motion Platform Simulator Technical Data

Motor power(W)400750
Motor rated torque(N.m)1.32.4
Drive Typeball screw
Position Repeatability(mm)±0.02
Screw lead(mm)510510
Max. Speed(mm/s)250500250500
Max. Thrust(KG)200
Effective stroke length(mm)20-1000
Basic weight in 0 stroke(KG)5
Basic weight in 0 stroke (parallel type)(KG)6
Weight per 100mm stroke (KG)0.8
Magnetic sensor switchThree-wire NPN/PNP Magnetic Switch*3


Note: The weight of the DGR61 high speed electric actuators is an estimated value and it is for reference only.

If you require beyond the specification chart above, please contact us directly, we are able to customize according to customers’ requirements on the high load (up to 20ton), fast speed(up to 2000mm/s) and long stroke (up to 3000mm).


The dimensions of DGR-61 U Servo Linear Actuator For 6DOF Motion Platform Simulator:

electric actuator, linear actuator

Modal Code

DGR-61 High Speed Electric Actuators for 6DOF Motion Platform Simulators Modal Code

Electric cylinder series



Cylinder boreScrew Lead

T5=5mm  T10=10mm

Stroke lengthMotor mount



Motor Brand/Power

Stepper motor:SM


Panasonic  100=100W

Mitsubishi  400=400W

YASKAWA  500=500W

DELTA ……..

Reduction ratio